Olympic fair-play nominations and international fair-play awards 

commitment, determination, integrity

◾️ Ironman triathlon* completion after a provable crash at 85.7km/h causing three broken vertebrae and deep flesh wounds in 2018 (nominee and recipient of official Fair-Play recognition awards for and by the International Olympic Committee, Pierre de Coubertin International Fair-Play Trophy & Spanish Authorities). *Ironman triathlon: 3,8kms swimming, 180,2 cycling, 42,195 running, consecutively, non-stop

◾️World Championship contender, Triple-Ultra-Ironman** 2018 only three months after the triple vertebral fractures **11,4kms swimming, 540 cycling, 126,6 running, consecutively, non-stop

◾️Ultramarathons - 130k (trail), 100k (trail), 80k (asphalt)(...), ultramarathon 5th (80kms) and youngest contestant in a very stormy trail ultramarathon race with 19 river crossings (160k) (a typhoon hit Australia)

◾️5 official ultra-swimming events (14.3; 11,4; 11; 11 & 10k) (without counting the multi-Ironman swimming segments)

◾️29 official marathons (without counting the Ironman or multi-Ironman marathons)

◾️39 official half-marathons

◾️3 time(s) podium (2004, 2005, 2006), Championships in half-marathon. Spain. U-20

◾️42 triathlons (all distances)

◾️23 official 10k races

◾️2 time(s) podium(s) in official 10k races, Spain

◾️5 official 8k cross-country races. Regional Championships, Spain. U-16

◾️15 official 5k races with a PB of 17:07 

◾️U-18 decathlete 

🔺Official proofs, awards, certificates, written and oral testimonies, photographies available upon request

 🔺Many unofficial races as well as training sessions over the same distances are -not- included in the aforementioned

🔺Awards, medals and trophies in skiing (3), half-marathon (8), tennis (34), football (4), volleyball (1), 10k (2), basketball (1) decathlon (1) athletics (14) and swimming (4) (a. o.)

🔺Thank you for the official international Fair-Play and Sportsmanship recognition which I feel very fortunate to have received

Short facts

◾️Has been living for over 25 years in Spain

◾️Apple-crumble is his favourite dessert

◾️Working on his PhD in Australia 

◾️Height: 185cms

◾️He stretches with a timer

◾️Involvement in fundraising campaigns supporting anti-doping and humanitarian aid for the young and striving athletes of tomorrow

◾️He had the opportunity to study and compete in Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Japan, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, England, Italy, Germany and Spain

◾️Once he got lost in a forest fartlek session in Germany. 8k suddenly evolved in not too funny 23

◾️He teaches English, Italian, French, Spanish and German at University level

◾️He needed a drink at first when he read about the nomination by the International Olympic Committee and it's German fair-play representation 

◾️For his Ultramarathons, he wears Adidas Ultra Boost Clima trainers which are made 99% of plastic garbage collected from the oceans 

◾️He would once love to swim among many colorful fish in the transparent waters of Fiji

◾️He has had the opportunity to visit a private school, enrolled to University and obtained three bachelor and two master degrees, being right now into his PhD, but still his former classmates call him chicken-hair (pelo pollo)

◾️The most unusual item in his room is a very small 1:1000 scale Emirates A380-800 model

◾️As an avid Real Madrid fan, he likes to cheer up his team in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid, Spain

  ◾️His guilty pleasure is to watch his favorite movies many times in many languages

◾️His cat's name is "sugar"

  ◾️Please receive his most friendly invitation to get in touch through his Facebook, Instagram or website's contact sections (below)


Set a target

Work for it with determination, professionalism, psyche, motivation, discipline, fun, patience and integrity

Go for it! 


                                               -DIFFICULT? YES. IMPOSSIBLE? NO.-